The vast majority of our clients and partners have worked with us for years and we're proud to call them our friends. They are powerhouse brands and high-profile influencers committed to doing good and being catalysts for social change. Yeah, we understand that you have to promote and market yourself to ensure success. But boasting about our amazing partners seems just plain awkward to us. Drop us à line if you want more details.

When it comes to our social impact campagins, DLM Entertainment accesses a proprietary network of experts and influencers in business, Hollywood, sport, media, NGO's, government & Silicon Valley to help accelerate social change.



We have put together a talented, diverse and award-winning team of A+ experienced professionals that are passionate and invested in our work. 

We only work with the best and the next generation of filmmakers and content producers who are passionate about our projects. Award winning directors, producers, cinematographers, editors, writers, composers, researchers, and field production teams are part of the DLM Entertainment family. We believe that diversity is a must on and off the big and little screen.

To further support our productions and campaigns, our business affairs team is considered one of the best in the business. They ensure our work is created with the highest degree of integrity, trust and value for our partners. 



Those that know us best describe us as... 

  • Super-Connectors. 
  • Trusted Partners. 
  • Thought Leaders. 
  • Innovators. 
  • Cultural Influencers. 
  • Disruptors. 
  • Social Entrepreneurs. 
  • A Good Friend.

DLM Entertainment Group


We are committed to creating entertainment content and telling meaningful stories to ignite social impact and measurable action. We walk our partners through a strategic planning session to gain clarity on our core audience and the film’s goals and objectives. From there we collaborate with our critically acclaimed team and powerhouse brands to uncover the most effective storyline to support those goals and the best distribution strategies to ensue America sees the film.


As much as we love creating beautiful cinematic film, what draws us most to creating meaningful content is helping our partners and audiences effect change through their social, cultural and environmental missions. This is why DLM Entertainment focuses on purposeful stories in collaboration with powerhouse brands, businesses and influencers. The films and content we produce include calls-to-action and real life lessons learned so that inspiration is triggered into action every time.


We create purposeful content that entertains and motivates audiences to take action. We are experienced storytellers who combine influencer engagement and campaigns with a well thought out distribution strategy to achieve measurable results and success. Our multi-platform approach to content development and execution sets us apart from the pack. DLM is known for its innovative and groundbreaking work, and how best to cut through the media clutter to ensure measurable impact and sustainable results.


DLM Entertainment is celebrated for developing quality work. Designed for the modern marketplace, our ability to engage cultural influencers and partner with well-established and emerging brands, has earned us the trust and respect of our peers. DLM continues it's mission to help make a difference in the world and in the lives of others. It's one of the core reasons we are known for our history of crafting highly effective creative solutions that produce significant social, cultural and business results.



David is a an accomplished executive, strategic advisor, award-winning producer/writer for film & television, and sought-after public speaker. In his work, David brings together cultural influencers, powerhouse brands, funders and coalition partners not just to create groundbreaking original content, but also build sustainable movements that deliver social impact and measurable value across media platforms.

Through his firm DLM Entertainment Group, David is creating a visionary media company that inspires social change and leverages purposeful stories and compelling new ideas that connect with socially conscious consumers offering partners and clients tremendous opportunities that enhance brand value, while moving people to actions. After years of media and entertainment experience, David understands that bold, well-told stories wield significant power. He has the creative acumen to tell stories on the issues that matter, the respect of the artistic and business communities, and the entrepreneurial talent to advance these stories by any means possible throughout the world. 


To learn more about David and his family of social enterprise companies, click on the following links:

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